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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao (Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel), Si trova nella East China Sea Road, di fronte alla strada dal mare, lungo la costa di 220 metri;A pochi passi, si può raggiungere la strada di plancia di legno, Yinhai Yacht Club, punto panoramico dell'orizzonte cinese, adiacente a Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park, Olympic Sailing Center, Hisense Plaza, jiashike centro commerciale e Laoshan, il luogo di nascita del Taoismo.
Più della metà delle camere dell'hotel avrà una vista panoramic a sull'intero mare, in modo da poter sperimentare la sensazione poetica e pittoresca di 'affrontare il mare e fiorire in primavera'.Ha una trentina di camere familiari 'genitori-figli', tra cui la sala Tema per bambini della colonna sottomarina, la sala tematiche per l'oceano polare, ecc.Parco giochi per bambini, cinema per bambini, piscina per bambini all'aperto, spiaggia per bambini e altre aree al primo piano aprono un divertimento per i bambini.
L'hotel è dotato di un centro fitness dotato di attrezzature Technogym, una sala indipendente per la terapia dei piedi, una sala sauna per gli uomini / donne, una sala vapore, un salone di bellezza e altri luoghi ricreativi.
Con decine di migliaia di commenti, 'Seaview occidentale ristorante' riunisce l'essenza di cibo cinese e occidentale, e fornisce una punta della festa della lingua per i commensali.La ben nota 'Yuehai mattutina sala da tè' è anche uno dei pochi ristoranti cantonesi della città dell'isola. 'Baigushu ristorante Qingdao cucina' è famosa per la sua cucina creativa Qingdao. Con il suo paesaggio unico ed elegante, servizio di alta qualità e prezzo abbordabile, vi lascia un ricordo unico di Qingdao e l'impressione di Shandong.
Hotel per creare un marchio di servizio 'famiglia' per i clienti per creare sorpresa e commosso'è la nostra ardente aspettativa.Per più di vent'anni, l'hotel è stato impegnato a fornire stile maggiordomo e servizio personalizzato ad ogni cliente.Il concetto di servizio familiare e la modalità di gestione scelti nei casi di insegnamento della Harvard Business School vi lascerà una 'storia lodevole'.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Liuting International Airport?

    Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao si trova a 22.1km dall'aeroporto.

  • Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao offre un servizio di pick-up?

    Sì, vi preghiamo di contattarci dopo la prenotazione.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 13:00 presso Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao.

  • Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    Sì, l'hotel dispone di piscina e palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao?

    La colazione è di CNY158 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao?

    I prezzi partono da CNY1027, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • mario5
    The hotel environment and service are very good. I will stay in Qingdao next time
  • jesstony
    I'm looking forward to bringing baby to have fun next time.
  • flower_elf
    I like it very much. I stay here every time I come to Qingdao. The service of the hotel is very good
  • lovesmile118
    Japanese service, the details are done well, it may be the peak season, and the price is too expensive. Breakfast is very good. It has many varieties and tastes good.
  • e00171218
    The room is clean and tidy, the waiter is enthusiastic, the equipment is complete, the breakfast is rich, and we will check in next time!
  • winnie_wei1982
    I can't compare with Sanya. The service is pretty good
  • cljlcp
    The hotel is not new, but it is close to the beach! Suitable for parents with children, I have to say that the buffet is great
  • ELeung
    Basically impeccable
  • Cumt_Sun
    The service of the hotel is up to standard! Very meticulous, especially for children!
  • effiee
    I feel that some of the furnishings are not up to international standards. Make up for it with service
    It's clean and sanitary. It's the best in Qingdao
  • ces6702
    Very good
  • andy.fu
    When I went, I thought it was by the sea. Unexpectedly, there was a road across the sea. Changed the sea view room, the service is very good, recommended!!
  • fj_fyb
    It's really good. Free pick-up, free executive lounge, fruits and small gifts, beautiful scenery near the sea. I'll go again next time.
  • sunyy
    The three-day tour of Qingdao is coming to an end. The personal experience of Qingdao tourism index is at the top of the middle level. Qingdao is known as a seaside tourist city with 'red tiles and blue sky'. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is world-famous for its 'sea'. The downtown streets include shopping malls, cinemas and underwater world! Coffee shops, restaurants and so on, only a few people, where are 10 million people? This may be the time I chose, the season is wrong. Qingdao! The only thing that impresses me most is the hotel service. Next time I have a chance to come back to Qingdao, I will still choose the Sea View Garden integrating eating, drinking and fun! Super service hotel, unexpected car delivery service to the airport! General hotel only pick up! Score: 101 points!
  • lebscorpion
    The service was very good. I despised that when I checked in, something that was not a man jumped in the queue
  • andy868
    The hotel is located by the sea with convenient transportation. I feel the best super five-star humanized service. When I go to Qingdao, I must live in the sea view hotel to experience the intimate service
  • cwcindywang
    The hardware of five-star hotels is almost the same. This one is good at service and is known as Haidilao in the hotel industry. When the morning flight 2 arrived in Qingdao, I only wanted to travel after checking in my luggage at the hotel. Unexpectedly, I checked in and upgraded. The waiters in the housekeeping department (on duty changed the floor lamp for us on the 2nd, heated breakfast for us on the 5th, and Longzhu on duty dredged the drainage of the shower room on the 4th) had a positive and proactive working attitude, with a great sense of service and ownership. The night before departure, I also called to ask about the feeling of staying in the hotel and the departure arrangement the next day. It's definitely a pleasant hotel experience!
  • rx783g3
    The service was very up to standard, the soft environment was really first-class, I fully recommend it~~
  • miyan
    As always! Outstanding good! Really good! I hope so
  • alien116
    The hotel staff are all smiling and friendly, which is the most valuable! Even?? The year-old child also understood the enthusiasm of the hotel and said he liked the hotel very much. The child also took the initiative to write a thank-you letter to manager Zhang who helped take care of us! One road next to the hotel is the beach. We can dig sand, catch fish, catch crabs and take a walk. We and the children like it very much. In addition, I also think I should thank everyone who takes care of us, especially Xiao Zhang, director Zhao of the lobby, the female director with the best smile in the restaurant, the handsome boys welcoming the guests at the door of the hall, the two staff of the indoor swimming pool on the first floor of the diamond building, and you are the lucky of your chairman, the people of Qingdao and the tourists of Qingdao, Next time you come to Qingdao, your hotel will still be the first choice.
  • sidy_moon
    The service attitude was very good, the hotel was clean and tidy, and there were many choices for buffet breakfast.
  • e00182772
    The service was considerate and polite. The buffet was late and there was a serious shortage of food
  • george90422
    This is a hotel especially suitable for taking your baby out. It's too humanized. What you see is always a smile and what you hear is greetings. The child didn't feel well. He wanted to ask if there was any medicine in the hotel clinic. He just told the restaurant attendant what we needed, and he took a taxi to buy it for us. That's great. recommend
  • august0710
    very good.
  • nenay717
    I've been here twice. I feel very good every time. I don't have to choose the hardware facilities. The key is the service. It's very good. It's amazing everywhere. I'll go next time!
  • foreverdying
    It has been a while since I came back from Qingdao, and the overall impression of the hotel is still very good.
  • lemonlime
    Very good
  • cny3000
    Before going to Qingdao on national day, I hesitated for a long time about where to live, and finally ordered the sea view garden. As other friends said, the service was really up to standard. Even on the third day when we went to Laoshan, we ordered a charter for us. At 11:30 p.m., I felt embarrassed. The overall experience was very good!
  • mily123
  • maggiex
    very good
  • e04332826
    Five Star Hardware, six star service!! The airport shuttle bus of the hotel is super warm and careful. Buffet breakfast is specially recommended: only what you can't think of, not what they can't prepare!?? The hotel balcony, the boundless sea and the 10 minute walk to the food street are highlights... Qingba is very elegant and romantic, and the introduced seawater swimming pool and sauna are also very special! Hope to invite friends next time! thank you!!
  • dreamcoolcat
    Good service, good buffet dinner. convenient transportation.
  • alexli06
    Very good. The waiter's attitude is impeccable.
  • e00223383
    The hotel service was very good. I took the children and mother. They had a good time. Fresh and free fruit will be provided every day. It's good. And zodiac dolls. The most touching thing is that on Mother's birthday, the hotel brought cakes, flowers and fresh longevity peaches specially bought by the hotel manager in the market!! We also took a group photo of the three of us, and then mounted it on the picture frame and placed it on the TV cabinet. Although it's not particularly expensive, it's really moving! You are making your own brand with your heart!!
  • lily0213
    Very satisfied
  • gavin666
    Really good
  • jaiiwang
    The scenery is good and the service is excellent.
  • Jeanne82
    Quiet, go out is the sea, running in the morning, the air is very comfortable.
  • jing0703
    My only choice in Qingdao
  • along_0911
  • Sonicfox
    The hotel provides free pick-up service and shuttle bus service. The attendants in each department are very patient and friendly, which makes me very happy and satisfied! I will stay here next time I come to Qingdao
  • E00027937
    It's the first time to score five. We ordered the executive extended sea view room, which is really very good. First of all, the advantages: 1, the location is good, across a road is the seaside, the room view is very good, in the balcony teapot to see the sea, feel relaxed and happy; 2. Good room facilities, large area, bathroom design is more reasonable, dry and wet partition, there are shower heads, also can take down the shower, give the baby a bath is very convenient, toilet is fully automatic Oh; 3. Breakfast is very rich. Although some five-star hotels have a good breakfast, there are too few Chinese breakfast. Chinese people are not used to it. There are many Chinese and Western styles in seascape. Many snacks are Cantonese morning tea, steamed spareribs with flour, steamed chicken feet, shrimp dumplings, and steamed wheat bean buns. I like different kinds of breakfast every day. Breakfast fruit is also a lot. We've had Chinese food once. It's better than many five-star hotels. It's rare that Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine are not bad. Don't underestimate the details. A Hong Kong friend has high requirements for food and accommodation. Once he lived in a famous international chain five-star, complaining that they didn't even have olive food for breakfast. What would I take with white porridge. An olive dish decided that she would not stay in the hotel next time. 4. The fruit supply is very abundant. There are welcome fruits in the room. After eating, you can call at any time to replenish them. I don't know if this is the welfare of the executive room, but at least there are large plates of apples in the lobby of the hotel. If you take any of them, you must strongly recommend apples and pears, which are sweet and crisp. 5. It's free to swim and keep fit, but we don't care to enjoy it except my husband. 6. The most praiseworthy thing is the service. From check in to the last check out, the whole service was very good, polite and warm. Every service we met was very good, from the doorman to the front desk to the guest room to the restaurant. I am very surprised that the North Hotel has such a good service, even in the five-star hotel, it is among the best. Pay attention to the details. The waiter Xiao Ding found me uncomfortable when he cleaned the room. He also specially prepared red dates and brown sugar and beach toys for the children. Our baby ran a little fast when eating in the breakfast hall, and almost fell down. The foreman and a waiter rushed over and asked with concern. Even our old people praised the hotel as very good and worth staying. Even the baby said that mother Qingdao is so good (the air is good, the climate is good, the scenery is beautiful) next time you take me to stay in this hotel. Hehe said many advantages, but we still have to point out the disadvantages and the areas that need to be improved: 1. Although the hotel is close to the sea,But across the road, the real road, the flow of vehicles, speed is very fast, no traffic lights crossing the zebra crossing, almost all the cars do not slow down, not to mention the courtesy of pedestrians. Really, at the thought of this, although I often criticize the city where I live at home, the quality of Shenzhen car owners is much higher than that of other cities. At this time, it is the pride of Shenzhen people. It's not recommended that you cross the road and go to the opposite beach. It's OK to see the sea. It's not a beach. It's all coarse sand, not fine sand. It's very hard to understand that there are many pieces of beer bottles in the sand pile... But it's convenient to take a taxi in Qingdao. It's OK to go to Badaguan beach. 2. Some services can be done better and can be done ahead of others. We know that we can provide sand digging toys and children's slippers on the second day of our stay. Many resort hotels will take the initiative to ask us if we bring children. Although Qingdao is coastal, the air is still dry, and the next day the child's nosebleed, but I didn't know that the hotel can provide humidifiers until I browsed the Internet. These can be in the guest check-in initiative to ask about the introduction, can also do more detailed. 3. Breakfast without ice cream, this is a small matter, but the breakfast porridge to be strengthened, less variety, taste is general, corn porridge is not that taste. There are at least five kinds of porridge in many five-star hotels I have stayed in. 4. I don't know if it has been newly decorated. The room has a smell. 5. Room sound insulation needs to be strengthened. 6. Originally, she recommended the hotel to a friend, but she planned to come for the summer vacation. When she saw that the summer vacation house price had nearly doubled, she thought it was too outrageous...
  • Daniellion
    The sea view, the service is super good, and the food is also good. When you go out and cross the road, you are on the beach. There are more sand and stones than the old stone beach, but the children have enough to play. The disadvantage is expensive, not including early
  • nini1017
    This is a family tour, with a 2-and-a-half-year-old baby, lived for 5 days, very satisfied. The biggest feature of the hotel is that the service is meticulous, such as pick-up and delivery services, and baby strollers are equipped as required. Every staff member is smiling and feels very comfortable. The guest rooms are newly decorated, clean and equipped. Because the children are young, they often play in the hotel. There are baby playroom, children's Beach (sand digging toys can be borrowed), children's swimming pool, free fruit snacks, and two plush toys every day. The children have a good time. The hotel is not located in the city center, but the transportation is very convenient. It is easy to shout by taxi. It takes 5 minutes to go out to bus stops 317 and 231, and you can get to coastal scenic spots. The hotel is only one road away from the beach. The beach is rocky and not suitable for swimming. You can catch crabs at low tide and take a walk at dusk. It is suitable for taking parents and children together. I will choose this one if I have the chance to go to Qingdao.
  • julianloo99
    The service was very good. There were a lot of children's amusement facilities. The children had a good time. The buffet was great
  • sunandwind
    It's a very good hotel, the service is very good, the price is not low, but there are a lot of people. I'll go again! Especially the outdoor swimming pool, which children like very much and leave a good memory.
  • mfy345659202
    The hotel has stayed a lot. The hotel is famous for its service. The service is really worthy of its reputation. The buffet in the morning is very rich. The waiter will smile and say hello wherever he goes. When he takes a taxi, he will help write down the license plate number. The child coughs and send cough syrup. The waiter leaves a warm note every day. When he sees that there are melon seeds in my room, he specially sends me a cup of tremella soup, Said eating melon seeds will get angry, ha ha! The hardware of the hotel is still insufficient. The room is relatively small, but the service can be offset. Live very happy, children can receive plush dolls every day. I will choose to stay next time.
  • e00084210
    If it's a fake, it's a good choice. The breakfast is very rich, the hotel service is in place, the bathroom is large, there is an independent bathtub and shower, the bed is very soft and hard, and it's very comfortable to sleep. There is a bus not far from the gate to the city, and the hotel also has a taxi service.
  • daiaoran
    The hotel service and facilities are very good, especially for families with children. They also give different small gifts every day. In short, all kinds of considerate
  • liuxf0812
    Very good service, good location, the only choice to come to Qingdao
  • apple_0702
    Going out and crossing the road is the seaside. The details are well done and the service is very professional
  • leemp026
    Quite satisfied overall
  • anido2000
    Great check-in experience! Maybe I have stayed in the best hotel in China! Room facilities style atmosphere and delicate, with sunshine and sea view, more like hifi music player. The carpet is clean!! This is so rare! All facilities are perfect! Hotel mini bar's thing is actually cheap!! This is the first time I met in a hotel! The service was infinitely exquisite, but I didn't feel disturbed at all. There were toys, slippers, tremella soup, foot basin and a lot of mineral water for the children in the room service at night. I heard that the children coughed, and asked if I needed to send a car to take the children to the hospital. I was really moved to the heart of a warm current! No one said what time the breakfast would be served. It seems that as long as there are guests, they will serve to the end. They can't feel the rush of being in a hurry. The car was also washed clean, and someone asked me if the tire pressure seemed insufficient and whether I needed to replace the spare tire. I think the sea view of the garden is really amazing! I sincerely admire such an enterprise, its leaders and every down-to-earth employee!
    The room is good, and it has been upgraded. There is unlimited water supply, and fruits. Breakfast is rich, and Chinese food is also free of fruits. It's very suitable for children's travel. There are Baby Beach, swimming pool and playroom.
  • cstlian
    It's a very pleasant stay. It's the best five-star hotel you've ever stayed in. You must stay in Qingdao and experience it! Living in the sea view garden and other five-star hotels, I always feel that the service is poor!
  • fionalyun
    not bad
  • erevorf
    This hotel is the only choice to go to Qingdao
  • top1024
    The hotel service has reached platinum five-star, not only the facilities, but also the service of waiters. There are welcome guests at the door of the hotel. Each journey is guided. When you see you taking your luggage or sundries, someone will pick you up. The children swim alone, and the waiters help take a bath and blow their hair. It is the best five-star hotel to see the service. The hotel has a seawater swimming pool, but it doesn't have its own beach. Otherwise, it's a very good resort hotel.
  • nt1979
    Very good
  • janice2000
    The hotel has excellent service, superior location and great breakfast
  • e01493214
    Very good service, worth recommending
  • magic_terry
    Clean location, good location, close to the sea
  • Ada84714
    A very good parent-child hotel. The buffet lunch and dinner in the hotel are very good. There are a lot of seafood. And take the initiative to provide packing boxes, which can pack some fruit for children. The waiter has a good attitude. The children like the hotel very much. I will choose this hotel when I go to qingdao next year
  • adam001
    The environment here is very good, especially the sea. It's very beautiful. The hotel's buffet, Yuehai restaurant is very good, will come again next time.
  • beermarvel
    This should be the best hotel I've ever stayed in
  • ivy2220
    Unfortunately, breakfast is not included and the price is expensive. The service was really good.
  • feliciafengxu
    The service was very considerate, and the cut fruit was also given away
  • arace80
    I think it's good. The price is small and expensive
  • cyx7892
    Good service is beyond imagination. It's hard to find such a high-quality hotel in China. It's amazing
  • e01986283
    Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel is the best five-star hotel I have ever stayed in. Free shuttle bus, checked in at 11 o'clock in the morning and delivered welcome drinks. The hotel facilities are also very clean and considerate. From fax machine to coffee machine, to all kinds of warm tips, unlimited mineral water, fruits and snacks, and two pairs of toys for pigs and dogs, you can feel the service concept of the hotel for guests everywhere. The hotel has a seawater swimming pool and a beach for children to play with water across the street. There are three bus routes to choose from when you go out and cross Donghai middle road. There are many restaurants on Maidao road outside 2 Station Road, such as Chuange fish dumplings, which taste very good. When you come to Qingdao in the future, you will choose the Sea View Garden Hotel!
  • rainboat007
    It's on the beach. Its geographical location is OK. It's famous for its good service. It deserves its name
  • e02596029
    The first time I stayed in the hotel, I always felt the meticulous care of the hotel. I changed from a smoke smelling room to an invincible sea view room with balcony. When I went out, I would provide a packed breakfast box when I didn't have time to have breakfast. When I went back to the room, I could see the exquisite bookmarks put on the bedside book by the waiter, as well as the cut fruits and notes, Hotel staff's warm smile... Everything makes this trip feel warm. Thank you sincerely. I will come again next time!
  • benbenbear1
    One stay, unforgettable forever! The considerate service moved me very much! The feeling of moving is beyond words! The first time I checked in the hotel was from the Internet. I didn't think it was a big international chain five-star hotel. Some people said it wasn't very clean on the Internet, although the service was OK. So I didn't hold much hope and ordered Haier intercontinental at the same time. After coming, I felt that the service was the best in the five-star hotel. The most touching thing is that when I came back from dinner, I saw the note left by the waiter, the hot water bag filled with hot water, red dates and brown sugar, which were bought specially because they saw some of my supplies! I also prepared two cups of tremella soup because I heard me cough when I checked in! This service is so moving!
  • jamjo
    It's a little far from the old city, but it's cheap and convenient to take a taxi in Qingdao. You can call at the door of the hotel at any time. I heard about good service before, but I didn't know what good service means until I arrived. I've lived in several five-star hotels in the past, but I can't compare with the service of this company. I feel that every waiter is very happy to serve the guests. I don't know how their boss develops this idea. It's very good, and it's worth promoting in China. The hotel is not only good in service, but also elegant in layout, decoration and atmosphere. Inside the room, there are many details of service that other hotels have never seen. It's really not the most detailed, only more detailed. The seawater constant temperature swimming pool in the hotel is a highlight, which is very popular with children. And the small gift is unceasing, the service is extremely intimate. It's a big breakfast, and there are a lot of specialties that other five-star hotels don't have. It's definitely worth living with kids. Try to book a family room next time.
  • conancyj
    Enjoy it