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Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao is located on Middle East China Sea Road, across the road from the sea, 220 meters along the coastline; walking distance to the seaside boardwalk, Yinhai Yacht Club, China's standard zero scenic spot, adjacent to Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park, Olympic Sailing Center , Hisense Plaza, Jiashike Shopping Center, and Laoshan, the birthplace of Taoism.

More than half of the rooms in the hotel have panoramic views of the sea, allowing you to experience the poetic and picturesque mood of facing the sea and spring flowers. There are 30 'parent-child' family rooms, including submarine columns children theme rooms, polar ocean theme rooms, etc. The children's playground, children's theater, and outdoor children's pools, children's beaches and other areas on the first floor will start the fun journey for children.

The hotel has a fitness center equipped with Technogym equipment, independent pedicure rooms, saunas for men and women, steam rooms, beauty salons and other recreational places.

The Seaview Western Restaurant with tens of thousands of reviews brings together the essence of Chinese and Western cuisines, and offers a feast for diners. The prestigious 'Guangdong Morning Tea House' is also one of the few Cantonese restaurants in Daocheng. 'Baiguoshu Restaurant Qingdao Cuisine' is famous for creative Qingdao cuisine, with chic and elegant scenery, high-end high-quality services, affordable and grounded prices, Leave a unique Qingdao memory, Shandong impression.

Hotel builds a service brand of 'family love', 'creating surprises and moving for customers' is our earnest expectation. For more than two decades, the hotel has been dedicated to providing butler-style and personalized services to every customer. The family service concept and management model selected into the teaching case of Harvard Business School will definitely leave you with a 'worthy story'.
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FAQs when booking at Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao
  • How far is the hotel from Liuting International Airport?

    Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao is 22.1km from the airport.

  • Does Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 13:00 at Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao.

  • Does Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao?

    Each costs cny158 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Sea View Garden Hotel Qingdao?

    The room prices is from cny1170, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • mn408766438
    Location OK, facilities, service is super nice, should be very perfect. but two points is bad; First, we live of is 3rd, roof layer, due to new of building, decoration just finished, immediately staying taste compared big, night not open Windows absolute can't live, but open has and has outside of noise (horse road of noise also has seawater of voice), room outside on more is site has, also in decoration does, Elevator are also in debugging, four Department elevator onlyA usable, stay the first night after the room, later also didn't pay, may is the peak tourism season had no House, living room is humbled, although new facilities, but, after all, is a newly renovated is so big, then also nothing compensation or apologies. Second, such a big hotel's front desk is too small, only 2 places of stay and check out for a long time, a taxi and waited for a long time, that later was caught in a traffic jam in Qingdao, the differentOften severe (than Beijing), get off at the railway station, 2 km away from the decisive push into luggage, with his wife and children flew out trains, tired miserable! But the rest of the hotel was good, especially in services, are more enthusiastic. facilities, seawater swimming pool, very good!
    Less-than-subtle! can best embody the Shandong Hotel friendly!
  • let602
    Great service, every day surprise, value for money, Qingdao preferred
  • tango
    The facilities of the hotel, very new, good service, especially for children's projects are good, suitable for children on vacation. Zambia
  • stven0758
    Hotel naozhongqujing, suitable for babies, games room, swimming pool water filtration, a bit salty
  • abu3456
    This is the best I have stayed in hotels, not one. Although the price is a bit high, but it is certainly value for money. The hotel staff are very kind, patient, came to the hotel feel at home.
  • E00158794
    Not very convenient to shop and other lines.
  • lee1103
    Hotel, service very good, next time stay
  • IT workers
    Feel good, family love ~
  • e01506506
    This hotel is I staying had of hotel in the most happy of once! for service of evaluation, if highest points is five points, I willing to give 6 points! also has station of driver is good of no said, 30lai pounds of luggage box, he was like vigorously sailor like, a only hand rushed out station mouth has been mentioned has car Shang, real of Shandong man! son also is happy, daily has small gift, a people meals self, hard satisfaction!
  • jalinguo
    Was is Hotel in the of Harbour fishing. feel Seaview garden big hotel meticulous of service from I in Shanghai Shi on began has. starting Qian one days on received hotel phone, told Qingdao weather. second days arrived in airport, just Shang received machine of minibus, immediately on handed Shang laoshan mineral water and wipe face of wet towel. Dang face Shang take oil of when has a article wet towel, that feel, you knows. night old boatman eat dinner, to integrated floor swimming, go to lobby Shi way asked has Xia where has convenience shop, wants to buyFresh milk, son night to drink of. results more than 10 minutes Hou we also in swimming of when, 5 package milk has sent to has swimming pool side. tour finished swimming, wants to with a double children of plastic slippers to room to son bath with, swimming pool waiter said without with, can and rooms waiter to, wants to also line, back playing desk phone on line, save carrying back room has. results just go to room door, has waiter has end with slippers, in door has. similar details also has many. feeling Ah,This where is waiter Ah, was all are is agents, composition network, here guest somewhat trouble, related sector received to side information on immediately action has. five-star hotel live had countless, software aspects Seaview is invincible has. other; gold location, on in Beach, to polar marine world or May Fourth square are is convenient. non-to find shortcomings words, also has-lobby decoration enough luxury, in the low-end five-star standard. breakfast environment can, but Western of eat of enough richAnd sat down, no tea or coffee provided. swimming pool changing rooms too shabby. but compared with the unbeatable service, which can be ignored. Finally, to sum up, struggling not to recommend sea view garden, very worried when you stay in this hotel, and then to live another five-star hotel, will not fit.
  • noap003
    Service at the hotel, sea, travel convenience. Thanks again the hotel staff thoughtful and attentive service.
  • asiasoft
    First-class hotel, service very good, perfect facilities, praise
  • any333
    Hotel service is attentive, never seen in the country, really recommended.
  • ellen740318
    Service is not said very, very comfortable!
  • bambuslee
    Good service, nice hotel.
  • leeiln
    It's OK
  • andy_baijun
    A few years ago, Caijing magazine saw the introduction of sea view Garden Hotel and was surprised to have such a good hotel, immediately recommend to my family, husband to live in, come back like relatively, because the waiter to help him wash the socks. I went to come to hotel services, absolutely worth it! 1501 people one night price is the most expensive in Qingdao, facilities are also very general, far less than I had at home, many lived outside hotelWhat it can sell at such a high price? and the occupancy rate so high? Because this hotel almost put one guest of all needs are thought has, in each turn at, Elevator mouth, door, are has one service personnel, at any time for guest solution various problem, and are very has patience, each a bit are is, with put guest problem solution Hou does not eager to left, but see guest left Hou again left. passing of each one staff, see guest will stopped to greeting, let heartWarm. There is too much detail, feels really comes back to the feeling of home, and is known for its many luxury hotels, but lack the warmth of the human heart. Recommended business people to live, because the price is not only accommodation, also includes a 'learning'.
  • e00221118
    Service is the best in Qingdao.
  • gyfrain
    Is the best hotel service I lived. Qingdao next time.
  • lexone
    Hotel of service is intimate, total has unexpected of service. first staying on has waiter with into room introduced rooms facilities, very enthusiasm. daily are has different of toy to baby, if see has small baby, welcomes fruit are is cut good sent to of. each employees face Shang are smiling, let guest feel is warm. most let I think moved of thing, I only and waiter said has a sentence words she listening to to I cold has, immediately asked I whether need ginger tea, warm of ginger tea let I suddenlyMany comfortable! should say this hotel is really worth living, I hope next time again!
  • alina_yao
    Very good, services, environment and location are good, next time you will choose
  • gxp1226
    Very nice Oh
    Hotel is great, service is really attentive, nice
  • e00554825
    Mouth, really great! kids rooms at the garden for the first time without discomfort, but like to want to go home every night bring guests with fruit and small toys, let your baby happy, next tour will stay in Qingdao sea view garden, enjoy a family family fun?
  • jerrylaii
  • gxpingan
    Very sweet, thanks!
  • gly1987
    Hotel Services thoughtful warm! children said to be five-star service!
  • f Feng Yuzhe
    Service experience. location is also good.
  • e00904547
    Well mighty good of those sent
  • lilyvvv
    Good, good location and great service.
  • e04583115
    Service is very good, inclined skylight at the top of a lot of creativity, in-room CD player out of the melodious music, making the environment more style! would stay next time!
  • e00151537
    Environment hardware at the beach is also good for the 5 star hotel is great where there are no special color than lived in the four seasons Macao is still inferior to many hotel bath products is also slightly shabby
  • fong429
    I feel very good, left a lot of touching. wanted to go home to here.
  • gie1211
    The next time you stay
  • fionawyr
    Absolutely great, just a little expensive
  • armer1031
    Old hotel, nice
  • aliaduo
    Family hotel in is one of the highest nationwide, live n times, service environment is very good
  • e00032477
    Hotel of waiter is enthusiasm, especially swimming pool and restaurant of waiter. but rooms waiter not is is responsible for, like SOAP towel like of things with finished are cannot timely fill Shang, I even live six days, often has this situation. again has Eve called meal (a disc cake added a late porridge) to rooms, porridge in actually eat out a mission wire ball. may is kitchen of staff negligence has, I also can understanding, but hotel of practices not is authentic, actually checkout when only to returned 10 Yuan around ofPorridge! Seaview overall service is good, but there are areas in need of improvement
  • lseson
    It's OK
  • syling
    Service was really good and recommend it to everyone.
  • for123
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters are warm, also featured a free SPA experience, will stay again.
  • baby28
    Hotels in hardware and software haven't had say happy trip
  • ly546
    See has many reviews only selected of this hotel, actual staying feel does reputation, service full as reviews of as. addition may with is North of reasons, hotel of buffet also very delicious, than Beijing of many five-star hotel are to comes. back Beijing followed by around of friends are strongly recommended has this hotel. mention a small of recommends, room in of facilities are is good, is TV does too small too old has, with now of five-star hotel not too match, if can unified replaced that wineShop everything almost perfect. the completion of the new building of the hotel, hotel and entertainment space, garden area is relatively small. while waiting for the new building to move into ready to try again, hope the quality of the hotel services in new building put into use as well. Finally, I wish the Seaview Garden Hotel, business is booming, good fortune!
  • eagercadet
    Nice beach next to live there
  • anglemoon1009
    Service is human, feel good!
  • CYN1201
    Hotel facilities some old has, especially lobby top and pool of bath facilities, pool of bath facilities absolute is I with had worst of, tell it like it is, with Granville Austin can't than. but service make up insufficient, sat down was pour water, Apple everywhere. children facilities compared full, has Studio, cinema, dug sand at, pool, playground, but playground slightly small, facilities less, six age above children has enough. near polar marine world. had road is Beach, canIs this article road from vehicles not general more, no traffic lights, on this annoying. meals in Regency Office solution, dinner speed too slow, eat has for more than a hours Shang has both dish a snack, last a dish first Shang wrong, later and didn't to and the Shang to I back has, but service fee still received, this somewhat bad. breakfast I is package away eat of, waiter patience to I all points loaded package, also fear delay I time urged has kitchen, is good. General good, worth staying.
  • leoboy2010
    Very was satisfaction of a hotel, set Hotel Shi is see has everyone of reviews at service to of, results found does can called industry harbour fishing. hotel is parent-child, for with children family tour, breakfast is big, can meet various age level of needs, Regency Office of Chinese taste is good, free of yogurt is good drink, feel you thought of things hotel will trying to meet, everywhere of waiter are is NICE, most makes we moved of is staying thirdDays night mother got acute intestinal gastritis, phone hotel rooms service sought help, Hotel immediately sent has rooms Department of a head came to view situation, found need immediately sent medical Shi and help contact team sent car sent we to has municipal hospital, this special thanks rooms Department of intern Zhang Hao, he full accompanied we to of hospital, and is detailed of prepared has towel, mineral water, hot pot, Cup, full a big package things, to has hospital also busy Qian busy Hou of help, specialIs I mother vomiting has yihou he is are not too dirty to help Pack, makes we family very moved. night we seven points to of hospital hanging good water Hou has 11:30 has, hotel again sent car to received we back hotel. This pieces things let we deep feel to has Hotel put guest as family as, next again to Qingdao we still will without hesitation of select this hotel!
  • e03901593
    Nice hotel, Qingdao taxi is really very troublesome.
  • alcinous
    Can't expect too much